Irresistible Learning makes the short list!

I’m delighted to announce that Irresistible Learning: Embedding a culture of research in schools has made the shortlist of Learning Ladders’ ‘Best Books for Educators Summer 2021’ awards.  I was shortlisted alongside 40 other books from a longlist of over 100 entries for our dedication to enriching the lives of educators with our writing.  TheContinue reading “Irresistible Learning makes the short list!”

Step 1 – Define the issue

In the cacophony of our daily lives in school, there is often a great deal of distracting noise. Not simply from the students we teach but from the myriad of unresolved tasks that fill our minds. In order to take the first step on the research journey, we must try our hardest to reduce thisContinue reading “Step 1 – Define the issue”

Research methods – the gingerbread man

The gingerbread man method uses the image of a gingerbread man as a reference for the research discussion and looks at four key elements in the participant. The method considers the participant’s knowledge, skills, values and experience. Similar to the triangle method, the gingerbread man can give the researcher a helpful framework for a researchContinue reading “Research methods – the gingerbread man”

Research methodology – The Diamond 9

When thinking about your research methodology, you can choose to collect data through a single research method, or combine a range of research methods. I have used the Diamond 9 research method in many research projects as it provides a really helpful tool to gain helpful data that unpacks your research question. How does itContinue reading “Research methodology – The Diamond 9”