The Research Cycle

The Research Cycle provides a framework for embedding research in schools.

Each step in the Research Cycle guides the researcher, helping them to build a research project that supports their organisation and themselves to develop practice that has a lasting and positive impact. Click on the hyperlinks in the text below to visit my Irresistible Learning Blog to find out more about each step of the Research Cycle.

Step 1 – Define the issue

Step 2 – Build a question

Step 3 – Review what is known

Cognitive bias

Step 4 – Refine the question

Step 5 – Select the methodology

Diamond 9

The Triangle

Gingerbread man

Step 6 – Analyse the findings

Thinking maps blog

Thinking maps podcast

Step 7 – Share the new understanding

Research poster

Step 8 – Adapt or affirm

Embedding a culture of research in school

The affirming power of research in schools

Slow thinking leadership

Staff Research Training

It is important to train staff in the use of the Research Cycle. In knowing the theoretical basis for research, the researcher becomes increasingly effective. My training cycle follows six sessions over a year to develop a deep and practical understanding of the Research Cycle.

Keynote talks

If you are thinking about embedding a culture of research in your trust or school, listen to Graham speak about his journey in building structures in his schools that empower staff to engage in research practice.

Research coaching

Whether supporting your individual research project or helping you to talk through your plans to embed a culture of research in your trust or school; Graham can support your thinking.

Building a culture of research strengthens the climate of the organisation, helping the heart of the school beat stronger.

Graham Chisnell

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