Step 7 – share the new understanding

Now you have completed the analysis of data at step 6 of the Research Cycle, you are ready to share the key points you have discovered. It is important to be aware of step 7 in the Research Cycle at the outset of the research journey. In knowing that you will be required to present your research findings, you embark on the Research Cycle with a potential audience in mind, encouraging you to maintain the quality and integrity of your research as it unfolds. In short, by keeping the end point in mind, you recognise the importance of making your research accessible to your potential audience, whether this is your team leader, appraisal lead, colleagues, senior staff or colleagues beyond your own organisation.

There are many ways to share your research findings, such as a structured article to be published in an organisational research journal, a digital presentation or notes to support a verbal presentation to a group of colleagues. It is important that you take ownership of this step in the Research Cycle; in doing so, you will become increasingly confident about sharing your research findings with others.

Here are my key messages about sharing your research findings at step 7 of the Research Cycle:

• Produce a journal write-up for your research and encourage your organisation to produce its own research journal.
• Use a blog as a vehicle to present your research findings and share new understanding.
• Use digital presentation tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi to share your research. If you are less confident in presenting live, then record a narrated presentation.
Record your voice or a video to present your research findings to a wider audience.
• Present to a small group of colleagues if you are nervous presenting to larger groups in order to show what you’ve discovered and build your confidence in presenting.
• A research poster can be a fun and engaging way to connect research findings with an audience.

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