Step 8 – adapt or affirm

Research in schools empowers you to develop practice that can impact positively on your organisation. Whether you are part of the curriculum team working directly with students or the business teams working across a school or trust, research is affirming and can exemplify the effectiveness of new practice. Research can challenge existing practice and move the researcher to confront their own thinking and values. And it can also seek out fresh ideas to adapt current practice. Whatever the outcome, through research, you are led to carefully consider your next steps in adapting or affirming your own practice or influencing the wider practice of your teams.

In step 8 of the Research Cycle, now you have undertaken your research and shared it with others, you need to stop and ask yourself ‘So, what…?’

So, what…
• did you find out relating to your research question?
• did you not find out that you hoped to discover?
surprises did you discover along the way?
• did you find that challenged or changed your own practice?
• has changed in the progress of your students as a result of your research?
• has changed in the relationships you have with your colleagues as a result of your research?
• are the implications of your research for your team, school, organisation, network beyond the school?
• has changed in you as a person as a result of this research project?
• were the pitfalls in your research project that you will use to inform your next research cycle?
• will be your next research question, knowing what you now know?

This leads to the key question relating to step 8 of the Research Cycle:
• So, what will you do differently as a result of your research?

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